• Basic information about holmium oxide

    Holmium oxide, also known as holmium trioxide, Ho2O3, is a compound of the rare earth element holmium and oxygen, and dysprosium oxide is one of the strongest known paramagnetic substances. Holmium oxide is a component of the erbium oxide mineral. In its

    2020-03-06 2003

  • The discovery of cerium oxide brought a lot of convenience

    The discovery of cerium oxide has brought many new discoveries to the steel industry. Cerium oxide has a strong affinity to sulfur as well as to oxygen. Adding a small amount of cerium to high-strength low-alloy and stainless steel can improve grain bound

    2020-03-06 2020

  • How does cerium dioxide work?

    Cerium oxide is the general term for cerium oxide. Common people have cerium trioxide and cerium dioxide. Cerium trioxide has a hexagonal structure of rare earth sesquioxide, with a melting point of 2210℃ and a boiling point of 3730℃. Sensitive to air.

    2020-03-06 1989

  • Chinese valentine's day -- pink powder

    Today is a pink day, yes, today is the Chinese valentine's day, so today to introduce you to a pink chemical powder, that is oxidation bait. Erbium oxide is a pink powder, density 8.64, melting point 2378℃, boiling point 3000℃, chemical formula Er2O3. It

    2020-03-06 1999

  • Tips for yttrium oxide use

    What is yttrium oxide? Must have a lot of children will feel very confused, you can baidu oh, xiaobian introduce its main use 1, used to make a variety of ceramics, optical glass, phosphors, laser materials and refractory materials, as carbon monoxide and

    2020-03-06 2358

  • The great role of cerium oxide in polished glass

    Cerium oxide is a light yellow or yellowish brown powder, used as a glass industrial additive, as a plate glass grinding material, can also be used in cosmetics to play an anti-ultraviolet role, mainly used as a glass decolorizer, glass polishing powder,

    2020-03-06 1933

  • Rare earth glass coloring

    Oxidant. A catalyst for organic reactions. Steel analysis for rare earth metal standard samples. REDOX titration analysis. Bleached glass. Glass enamel sunscreen. Heat resistant alloy.

    2020-03-06 1303

  • Cerium oxide manufacturers need to innovate

    With the development of domestic optical market economy, the market environment of domestic cerium oxide industry has changed, and the market competition is increasingly fierce. In recent years, the homogenization of cerium oxide industry is more and more

    2020-03-06 1290

  • High purity yttrium oxide applications

    Solution: insoluble in water, soluble in acids. Appearance and properties: light yellow crystalline powder. Under light conditions, the color of holmium oxide changes significantly. It is light yellow in sunlight and has a strong orange-red color under th

    2020-03-06 1269

  • Element properties and production methods of cerium oxide producer

    The properties of rare earth elements depend on the electronic structure of rare earth atoms and rare earth ions. The properties of rare earth elements are closely related to the existence and distribution of rare earth elements in nature, the separation

    2020-03-06 1197