Chinese valentine's day -- pink powder


Today is a pink day, yes, today is the Chinese valentine's day, so today to introduce you to a pink chemical powder, that is oxidation bait. Erbium oxide is a pink powder, density 8.64, melting point 2378℃, boiling point 3000℃, chemical formula Er2O3. It is easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide, heat to 1300℃ when converted into hexagonal crystals, and not molten, insoluble in water, soluble in acids. Mainly used as yttrium iron garnet additive and nuclear reactor control material, also used for infrared absorption of glass, also used as a colorant for glass it is used as an additive for magnetic materials and phosphors, the raw material for special luminous glass, pink glass. With the rapid development of optical fiber communication, erbium-doped laser crystal and its output of 1730nm laser and 1550nm laser have a strong ability to penetrate the battlefield smoke, good confidentiality, not easy to be detected by the enemy, the contrast of irradiated military targets is large, and it has been made into a military portable laser to measure the distance of safety to human eyes. Lures added to glass can be made into rare earth glass laser material, is the current output pulse energy, the highest output power of the solid laser material. The bait can be used as an active ion on rare earth to convert laser materials. The baits are used for decoloring and coloring of lens glass and crystal glass. I hope everyone happy Chinese valentine's day!