Brief introduction of cerium oxide manufacturer

Changzhou Geoquin Nano New Material Co.,Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing ultrafine and nanometer rare earth new materials and their application products. The company produces a variety of nano and ultrafine rare earth new materials, widely used in luminescent materials, superconducting materials, magnetic materials, high-performance ceramics, ultraviolet absorbent, precision polishing and other fields. Our company is the first domestic industrial production of nano and ultrafine rare earth compounds specialized manufacturers.

The company cooperates closely with domestic and foreign famous nano expert consultants, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions to jointly build laboratories and engineering centers, and provides technical support for enterprises with its own provincial technology center as backing. Concentrate on the research and development of rare earth new materials, application, functional products to expand. Combined with the technical advantages of the research institutes and the company's advantages in engineering and industrialization, with technology as the guide, we will always be committed to serving customers, uphold the concept of growing with customers, and actively explore new products and new applications.