Application directions of nanometer samarium oxide, nanometer gadolinium oxide, nanometer holmium oxide and nanometer erbium oxide


Nanometer samarium oxide (Sm2O3)

The main USES of nanometer samarium oxide are: ceramic capacitors and catalysts. In addition, nanometer samarium oxide also has nuclear properties, which can be used as the structural material, shielding material and control material of nuclear reactors, so that the huge energy generated by nuclear fission can be safely used.

Nano gadolinium oxide (Gd2O3)

Its main USES are as follows: 1. Its water-soluble paramagnetic complex can improve the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging signal of human body medically. 2. Base sulfur oxides can be used as matrix grids for oscillograph tubes and X-ray fluorescent screens with special brightness. 3. Nanometer gadolinium oxide gallium garnet is an ideal single substrate for magnetic bubble memory storage. 4. In the absence of Camot cycle restrictions, it can be used as a solid magnetic refrigerating medium. 5. Used as an inhibitor to control the chain reaction level of nuclear power plants to ensure the safety of nuclear reactions. In addition, the use of nanometer gadolinium oxide with nanometer lanthanum oxide contributes to the change of the vitrified region and the thermal stability of the glass. The nano-gadolinium oxide can also be used to make capacitors and X-ray sensitizing screens. Currently, the application of nano-gadolinium oxide and its alloy in magnetic refrigeration is being developed, and a breakthrough has been made.

Nano holmium oxide (Ho2O3)

The main USES of nano holmium oxide are: 1, as an additive to metal halide lamp, metal halide lamp is a gas discharge lamp, it is based on the development of high-pressure mercury lamp, its characteristic is the bulb filled with a variety of different rare earth halides. At present, the rare-earth iodide is mainly used. The working material used in the nanometer holmium oxide lamps is the nanometer holmium iodide, which can obtain a higher concentration of metal atoms in the arc zone, thus greatly improving the radiation efficiency. 2. Nano holmium oxide can be used as an additive to yttrium iron or yttrium aluminum garnet; 3. Nanometer holmium oxide can be used as yttrium iron aluminum garnet (Ho:YAG), which can emit 2 m laser, and human tissue has a high absorption rate of 2 m laser, almost 3 orders of magnitude higher than Hd:YAG. Therefore, when using the Ho:YAG laser for medical surgery, not only can the surgical efficiency and precision be improved, but also the thermal damage area can be reduced to smaller. Free beams of nano-holmium oxide crystals can remove fat without generating too much heat, thus reducing the thermal damage caused by healthy tissue. The use of nano-holmium oxide lasers to treat glaucoma in the United States is reported to reduce the pain of surgery for patients. 4. In the magnetostrictive alloy terfenol-d, a small amount of nano holmium oxide can also be added to reduce the external field required for saturation magnetization of the alloy. 5. Fiber doped with nano holmium oxide can be used to make optical communication devices such as fiber laser, fiber amplifier and fiber sensor.

Nano erbium oxide (Er2O3)

The main USES of nanometer erbium oxide are: 1, Er3 + light emission at 1550 nm with special significance, because the wavelength is just the minimum loss in optical fiber communication optical fiber, nanometer erbium oxide (Er3 +) ions by the wavelength of 980 nm, 1480 nm light excitation, 4115/2 transition from the ground to the upper state 4113/2, when in the upper state Er3 + to transition back to the ground state when emit 1550 nm wavelength of light, quartz optical fiber can transmit different wavelengths of light, but different light failure rate is different, The light attenuation rate of 1550nm band is the lowest (0.15 db/km) in the transmission of quartz fiber, which is almost the lower limit attenuation rate. Therefore, the optical loss is minimal when the optical fiber communication is signal light at 1550nm. So, if the appropriate concentration of erbium oxide nanoparticles with appropriate substrate, can according to the principle of laser effect, loss in the amplifier can compensate the communication system, so the need to enlarge the wavelength of 1550 nm light signals in the telecommunications network, nano oxide erbium doped fiber amplifier is indispensable optical device, the mixing nano silica fiber amplifier of erbium oxide has been commercialized. To avoid unwanted absorption, the doping amount of nanometer erbium oxide in the fiber is reported to be tens to hundreds of PPM. The rapid development of optical fiber communication will open up a new application field of nanometer erbium oxide. 2, nano oxide doped erbium laser crystal and its output of 1730 nm and 1550 nm laser is safe for people eyes, atmospheric transmission performance is good, the smoke of the battlefield penetration ability is stronger, the secrecy good, not easy detection by enemy, illuminate large quantities of military targets, has made it safe for military use portable laser range finder. 3, Er3+ added to the glass can be made into rare earth glass laser material, is the current output pulse energy, the highest output power of the solid laser material. 4. Er3+ can also be used as the activation ion for the conversion of laser materials on rare earth.